Increase customer loyalty and basket size while protecting profitability across all channels.

Our real-time customer-centric shopping recommendation engine enables retailers to build a 1-1 relationship with the individual shopper to become their “trusted shopping expert”.

Integrated Analytics – The Game Changer

My Style Genie makes retailers’ disparate data actionable – automatically creating and meeting demand at the individual shopper level to consistently provide truly personalized customer service of days gone by in an omnichannel world.

My Style Genie moves the retailer beyond the limitations of click stream data to a truly personalized, higher profit shopping experience.

  • Individual and ensemble merchandise recommendations are optimized to simultaneously achieve the consumer's objective and the retailer's profit targets and business objectives
  • Profit-optimized coordinating ensemble product recommendations (an entire outfit, entire living room décor) across brands to increase basket size and profitability
  • Embedded artificial intelligence applies vertical expertise (personal shopper, interior decorator) to the consumer's objective and physical context in real time
  • Personalized recommendations are at the individual consumer, not micro-segment level
  • Not reliant on clickstream data (like Amazon and others), but uses integrated data analytics, consumer provided inputs and consumer behaviors for a more engaging, relevant customer experience
  • Treat each channel experience individually based on consistent data and uniform application of expertise across the omni-channel


How My Style Genie’s Recommendation Engine Works


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